08 March 2011

Creative Writing

Years ago, I thought I wanted to be a writer, so I decided to take some college level classes. One of the first classes I took was creative writing. A required class to move forward toward an associates or bachelors degree. I didn't know if I'd ever get that far in my studies, but this class would get me out of the house three hours a week. Boy, did I struggle with it, too.

I remember an assignment... the teacher asked class to find unusual words in the dictionary. We were to bring five words to each class for three weeks. We were instructed to use the word in a sentence. I've retained only a few of those unusual words.

Another assignment, I remember, was to describe a paper clip in 250 words. As I recall, I didn't do well with this exercise and I don't recall the teachers comments. Imagination? No, I suppose I didn't have any. I was consumed being a stay at home mom, having a toddler, and with the daily things a wife and mother does. I could have easily written about those things, I suppose. But to describe a paper clip? Yup, I struggled and received just short of average grades for the effort.

Sure, I'd learned the basics in junior high and high school prior to that. I did write better than average term papers and essays, but creativity and imagination? Shoot, I didn't have a clue. I could create paragraphs that were connected in thought and carry that thought to the next. But, apparently, creativity and imagination weren't in my arsenal and I don't know that I could manage that teacher's assigmnents today, forty years later. Some days, I'm still as befuddled as I was then.

Challenged? Yeah, probably... Creative? I can't judge that for myself, I'd have to let someone else decide that.... Imaginative? Hmmmmm, maybe, maybe not....

A James Cameron (Avatar) or James Michener (Carribean, Alaska, Hawaii) I'm not.


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