10 February 2011

Yard art and planting suggestions

I want to put a few more 'artsy' things around our porch. I have a hummingbird feeder up and I hope to hang a few more to entice the tiny birds. I have wind chimes. They tinkle in the breezes and I'd like to put more out. The porch is small, it has three outdoor chairs and my propane grille, which I'm embarrassed to say really needs to find another home in the trash bin. It can be replaced at Walmart for about $20.00.

We're waiting for the property owners to landscape our little yard. It's dirt and I just want to keep the dust down. I expect whatever they do will be in line with the other houses on the street. Most have decorative rocks and scalloped edging to divide lot lines.

I'm thinking plants will have to be drought tolerant and heat resistant. One side of the house gets direct sun from early in the day to mid-afternoon and the other gets diffused light from mid- afternoon until dusk. I'm leaning away from cacti and would rather have colorful perenials. I'm thinking too, when it does rain hard, rocks and dirt will wash from the hill behind us. This could be an issue with plants and other yard art. It could well get washed into the street.

I did (and still do) want a mesquite tree or two to shade the south windows on the east side of the house. The nice thing about mesquite is it grows realtively fast and will be big enough in a year to produce the shade I need. In the spring, I can rake the seed pods and feed them to the horses. I don't know what nutrients are in them, but they love them and they make their coats shiny. An inexpensive treat.

The Direct TV dish sits on the ground next to the house outside my bedroom window. It's an ugly looking thing. I wonder if I can plant green desert vegitation around it without interrupting the signal.

I've always wanted a firepit. Something to sit around on an evening when it gets a little chilly. A chiminea is a cool idea too, but I'd like that on my porch, and oddly enough, I think I'd use it for a planter.

I don't want a yard like the ones you see in gardening magazines. Basically, I want low cost, low maintenance, and functionality.

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