16 February 2011

Orderly chaos and disorganization....

....Does anyone know where I put???? First it's empty....

....I'm looking for.... now it's full and briming over?

It's still dark outside, so, I'm wandering around.... flashlight in hand and I can't find what I need. I'm looking for the scoop to scoop dirty litter out of the litter boxes. I'm looking for my little trash buckets, too.

I've spent the last four days moving stuff to a different place. It went a little at a time, since I didn't have help and my little car doesn't hold much on a trip. I thought I was being sooooo organized. But I don't remember where I put stuff.

Fortunately, we (the kitty's and I) didn't have far to go and they made the short trip better than I did. They're content to hide under the bed in the room I am going to use. Speaking of the kitty's .... Puzzle, Nilly and Gibby are used to being masters of their own domain. This is going to be a new experience for them. This is going to require some socializing on their part, and the other's too. There are three small dogs .... boo hiss, spat, growl, out come the claws! Three adult cats .... hiss, hiss, growl, glare, spat! Two birds, which will probably be ignored once they've decided they're not a threat. Outside three big dogs .... TERRIFIED! Oh, oh, I'm gonna run away and hide forever! I'm certain they will eventually settle in.

I noticed when I was trying to fall into an exhauseted sleep last night, it's not as quiet here as it was at Curmudge's new place. There's a lot of traffic on the street and the outside dogs bark at anything that moves in the pasture. I used to live not 500 feet from here. I wonder if I didn't notice the noise because it was farther off the street, or I just adjusted more quickly. More change.

Busy day ahead... more organizing, ya right! I can hope can't I? Oh, by the way I did find the scoop for the litter boxes, the kitty's are happy anyway.

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