04 February 2011

Memories versus pack rat?

Yesterday, because it's so cold here, I went into storage in search of winter clothes... I pulled out three boxes and a tote to look through ....this is ultimately what I ended up with.... the rest is being set aside for yard sales in April and or ultimately donated.

I'm a pack rat of the first order. I admit to being that! I have stuff in boxes and vinyl totes I haven't laid eyes on in a long, long time. I really did think ... yes, I did go through ...yes, I did toss a bunch of stuff before this stuff went into storage in June. So why am I doing this again? There's more that has to find a new home.

I thought after we moved, I'd be able to get some of my most precious things out of storage; knick knacks, artwork, clothing, dishes and pots and pans, etc. I have been getting boxes out regularly, going through them wondering why I've kept this stuff! Imagine, I have duplicates and triplicates of stuff, too (especially in the kitchen department).

I know there's more in these boxes that has to be parted with. But this little voice inside my head keeps telling me ...'family, they will want this stuff to remember me by...' Why on earth woud they want this stuff? Some of it is not much more than a collection of baubles and trinkets from my travels, or stuff that has been passed down from a previous generation. Other stuff is well worn old, old outdated clothing, and old lawn and garden tools ... probably not fit for anything except the trash bin.

So why do I keep this stuff? Because everything has a story, a memory or some reminder of what I was doing when I acquired it. Perhaps, if it's a tool of some kind, it had a use to begin with and I saved it because .... I'll use it again some day? The problem is ... if this stuff is stored and I need it for some reason, I'll have to go searching for it, chances are I'm not going to be able to find it, will give up the search, scratch me head and go buy another. Ahhhh, there in lies the crux of the problem.

Memories versus pack rat?

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  1. for the same reasons, there is not one inch of space in my life...


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