25 February 2011

An interesting hiding place

My kitty's didn't have a particularly good day. One of Jean's little dogs trapped and terrorized them. I'd gone out to do an errand and wasn't gone long. When I returned, I discovered this little dog on my bed with Nilly and Gibby cowering in terror in the corner.

Whew! What a smell...come to discover both Gibby and Nilly had been so traumatized they'd had accidents. Poor Nilly was a mess, she would need a bath. Gibby had fared better but dashed from the room as soon as he could escape. Puzzle was missing. I did find her hiding behind the couch.

I had to search for them again when it was time for their dinner. I found Puzzle hiding under a chair out of the way of roaming dogs. I found Gibby crouched under my desk, also out of the way of roaming dogs. I had to search harder for Nilly. Well.... we found her hiding in the bushes.

They'll probably never socialize with a dog(s) again.

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