20 February 2011

A foggy morning

It's still early ... damp and soggy out. I grabbed my camera on the way out to feed the horses and I've been taking picutres.

It's a rare occurence to have fog here since most of the time it's sooooo dry. It's unusual anyway. We had some wicked weather yesterday ... the storm brought winds gusting to more than 50 miles an hour and about 3/4 of an inch of rain.

We had a glorious brilliant full rainbow ( and a partial second) last night as the sun was lowering in the sky and the rain was ending. There are some pretty good puddles in the driveway and the horses are slogging through an inch of mud in the pasture. They're mucked up to their knees.

My new tent needed a close inspection, too. Except for the base tent stakes it fared well and is still standing. I'm hoping nothing got wet inside.

We desperately need the rain. Snow levels came down to 4,000 feet. I expect the higher terrains received more than a foot of new snow. This is good for later in the year. In a few days the hillsides will be green. Some more of this rain without the gusting winds will be welcomed. Perhaps we will get enough rain for a full bloom in the desert.

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