28 February 2011

Fascination and entertainment

My kitty's have a distinct fascination with the bird cage and it's contents.

Yesterday, Jean suggested I set the cage on the floor so they could watch and wait, and they did just that. Thing is the birds don't seem to care one way or another. They go about their cheerful chirping and usual business without a care in the world ... they know they're safe. I worry my kitty's will knock the cage off the table where it sits.

Jean tells me, she had to rescue Nilly's paw the day before .... apparently she'd managed to catch a claw and not be able to get it loose. Nilly is the worst of the three when it comes to terrorizing the cage and birds, she just won't leave them alone!

They've been wreaking havoc on my desk which sits next to the cage, too. So far, I've been fortunate my monitor and book easel have not crashed to the floor. Inevitably, they will knock the stuff off my desk.

Hours of fascination for the kitty's and entertaining for humans wo watch their antics. It makes one wonder.....

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