24 January 2011

What's for dinner tonight?

I haven't been cooking much since Curmudge has been in the hosptial and is now in skilled nursing ... So what's been for dinner (or supper if that's what you call it) these days? Good question? I have a freezer full and nothing appeals.

I hate cooking for one. I tend to eat what pleases me and not what is healthy. I gain weight when I cook for one because I always cook too much (with good intentions of eating leftovers). I never do though, eat leftovers that is. As an adult, I'm not a fan of leftovers. I guess it comes from being brought up on leftovers. But, I do have good intentions when I cook....

If it was good for me, I'd have a greasy cheeseburger for dinner every night. I know a greasy cheeseburger is an artery clogging, high cholesterol food, especially when you add things like cheese, mayonnaise, horse radish, sauteed garlic, lettuce and tomato, onion and put it between two slices of bread and have it all over yourself before you get to eat it..... Nope, not a fan of ketchup unless it's for french fries, which I also like with a greasy cheeseburger. I don't even want to think about calories. A greasy cheeseburger is my favorite 'quick meal'.

I'm a pretty good cook when I put my mind to it, it's just soooo hard to cook for one and I like to cook. I'm a meat and potatoes (rice and pasta, too) kind of gal, so I'm not creative in the kitchen. I suppose, I'm a creature of my upbringing, and not much of a casserole fan.

Each week I check the sales flyers that get in my mail box and head to the store with a list and a certain amount of money to spend. I shop what's on sale and rarely come out with extras.

The same was true with my mother when she went to the store when I was growing up. There were seven mouths to feed in our house so she planned ahead. Sunday's was always a big meal, what was left was for dinner on Monday nights. Tuesday nights, there was a casserole of some sort, either hamburger, tuna, or maybe even mac and cheese with hotdogs. Wednesday nights was spaghetti. I can't remember what was for dinner on Thursday and Friday nights, though I expect it was leftovers from the other nights. Saturday nights we always had hotdogs, homemade baked beans, and Boston brown bread. Sunday nights after the big meal from the afternoon, we had a choice of a bowl of cold cereal or scrambled eggs and toast. We were on our own when it came to dinner on Sunday nights.

These days, when I plan, I usually change my mind between the time I buy at the store and get to fixing... so I have options in the cabinets, refrigerator, and freezer. I like quick and easy ... less than an hour to prep and cook. Chicken wings, breasts grilled, or legs, steak at least once a week, burgers, pork chops, and of course a roast of some kind for Sundays. I really try not to repeat the same meats or poultry on successive nights.

Anybody got suggestions for one? I need some if you have them ....


  1. i remember that same crap on the same day of the week. i really disliked the casserole day. but what really made me want to puke was the "crock pot" phase she went through when we live at first parish road.i could never understand why one would put nice, fresh ingredients, in a pot and cook them for 9 hours. it always came out as mush. all of it. and then if i complained, she would slam shit around and declare "fine! you can cook your own g**d*** meal!"
    i did. and i was happy to.
    oh when we lived there butcher also got us a "washing machine." it was way old school. it was filled with buckets or a hose and one had to wring each item separately,WITH A CRANK.

  2. okay so what's for dinner to night?
    don't remember that old washer....


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