17 January 2011


We (Curmudge and I) moved into our new bigger place on December 27. I thought it would be an easy task to get done and settled. I was motivated, too! But alas, I'm still trying to put stuff away and still have a 10 x 10 storage area full of my personal stuff to sort through and bring home. I'm running out of hidey holes to put stuff into, though.

Since last last Saturday night, I've been back and forth to the hospital. Curmudge is there. He wasn't feeling well before we moved, and then after .... he went downhill. It took more than a week to convince him he needed to go and to get him there.

He's been sick before, but never like this.... according to himself... my answer to that is...'Curmudge, it's taken a long long time to get here, it's not going to get better by snapping your fingers, or overnight....' He's getting the best care there is and is being monitored around the clock. I'm not sure what the prognosis is, but he's making some improvement everyday. I'm hopeful he will recover in time.

This past weekend, I finally got my antique dresser home and into my room. Yeah! I'm not living out of suitcases anymore. Oh, I still have boxes of clothes in storage! Somewhere. My winter jackets and sweaters, stuff like that. I know, and I've said this before .... and everyone thinks it doesn't get cold in AZ! We do have winter here, but not like the rest of the United States. 'Sides, my 'winter stuff' is stuff I've collected since I was still trucking over the road, was all over the countryside in all kinds of weather. Okay, so now, I'm getting sidetracked .... The dresser is home and in use.

My camping air bed, which has been my savior the last few months .... because it is portable ... has sprung a leak, I think. In any case, it's not holding air through the night and is lumpy and uncomfortable by the time I wake up in the morning.

At the old place, I was packing it up everyday and shoving it into a corner. I wonder if maybe that is why I didn't discover it wasn't holding air for any length of time. Hmmmm. I have a regular mattress (of the same size) in storage, but I'd considered getting rid of it, because I liked this air mattress camping bed so much. Guess, I'm going to have to bring it home .... have to check out the air mattress for visible leaks first tho... will keep you posted.

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