28 January 2011

The road back to Massachusetts (and home)

Just the other day, I was offered an amazing opportunity .... or is it? I've been dreaming about moving back to Massachusetts, for Lord know how many years. At least since before the economy took a nosedive across the United States, anyway. I'm originally from New England, and consider myself a hardy soul, even though I've lived in warmer climes for many years.

Each time I've considered relocation to the northeast, I've shelved the idea simply because there wasn't enough savings to make the 2800 mile trip with a horse, my possessions, and three cats. Then there was the consideration of an affordable place to live, a decent job to pay the additional expenses (the cost of living in Massachusetts is higher than in AZ), and where to board the horse, so he is comfortable and accessible.

I'm homesick. I want four seasons, I'm tired of the desert, (though, I have to admit, I love the weather in AZ most of the year with the exception of the excessively hot summer months), I want to be closer to family, too.

Here's the deal .... I've been offered a 'ride along' when a friend leaves AZ in July for western Massachusetts. This offer includes, the horse, my possessions and the three cats. How can I refuse? It's almost too good to be true.

I'm not so naive to think there won't be hurdles along the way. On the other end, I need a job to go to, I need a place to live which includes my cats, and I need an affordable boarding facility for the horse.

Logic is telling me I need a better plan and some of the unknowns on the other end dealt with before I begin this journey. My sis thinks I over-think everything, she's probably right, but I'm not twenty years old anymore, either.

I remember when I was twenty. Had I been offered this opportunity, I'd have jumped in with both feet and gone for it. I remember doing stuff like this back then. I lived by the seat of my pants for many years, before I took responsibility from being irresponsible. I'm nearly sixty and not twenty.

Okay, this wonderful, hard to believe, opportunity has been placed in front of me to consider. I have time to decide, maybe do some planning too, the journey doesn't begin until July 23rd, 2011. Help me decide......

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  1. 20 or 60? who cares! fire up the seat of your pants and fly!


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