31 January 2011

Ominous looking weather

....and they say it never rains in the desert....Yay! My car will get a much needed bath(sort of). It does rain, but not often. Generally and according to local weather forecasters and meteorological statistics (the last 30 years or so), the rainy time of year is during the months of December, January, and February.

Yes, of course we have what used to be called "Monsoon Season". It is now called 'the summer thunderstorm season' which runs from June 15 to September 30. I never quite understood the use of the word 'monsoon' with regard to a summer thunderstorm (in the desert) that would last about and hour and a half. I get that monsoon means heavy rains, (which is also what a good thunderstorm or cloud burst will produce) but to me monsoon meant days and days of torrential rains without letting up. Perhaps, my thinking was incorrect.

The storm arriving today through tomorrow will not be a soaker or major rain maker, but it is certainly ominous looking out my door...and it will cool the desert down to more seasonal temperatures, upper fity's and lower sixyt's daytimes, and near freezing overnights depending on where one lives in the valley.

In any case, the valley and surrounding areas will get some much needed rain. The area needs a bunch of these storms through the next eight weeks or so. It's so dry here. Perhaps if we get the needed rains, there will be a significant bloom in the desert. Tiny flowers and plants will peek through the sandy soil and push their faces toward the sun for a few weeks, the catci will bloom through May, a variety of flowers and splendid colors. It's really awesome to see.

It's here and it's raining.....

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