19 January 2011

Curmudge is being moved today....

Curmudge is leaving the hospital today. He is going to a 'skilled nursing' facility for at least two weeks. As you know, he's been ill for more than a week. He's making progress, and is now ready to begin the process of getting his strength back, getting on his feet and doing for himself. This will require physical therapy, and daily assistance from skilled professionals. He is still on IV therapy, taking high powered antibiotics.

He has a staph infection in his blood. We don't know where it came from or how it got here, though I have my suspicions. MRSA (Methicillin-resisitant Staphylococcus Aureus) is a shotrened term for a broad range of staph infections. Most strains are treatable, but are resistant to the normal antibiotic therapy, so the reasoning behind the continued IV therapy, and the move to the 'skilled nursing' facility.

In the last few days, I've spent three good visits with him and he's been able to converse coherently, something he was not doing last week. He's resting more comfortably and sleeping less, though he is complaining about headaches. He is eating better, too. I am pleased about his eating better, since he eats like a bird most of the time.

I'm seeing progress. I can only pray he continues to make progress and gets better soon.


  1. i think his chances are good that he will improve enough to come home. got my fingers crossed!

  2. Thank you for your thoughts....keep those fingers crossed, too.


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