02 December 2010

Work in progress

I want to be an accomplished blogger. Curmudge says practice makes perfect, but I think practice makes better. You could say I've been 'practicing' on this blog for more than a year, and yes, I think it's getting better.

In the beginning, blogging was a way to vent feelings, but then things happened I wanted to pass along to others. When you read my older posts, you will see I've been unemployed since 2009. I'll leave it at that.

There's not much traffic to this site. I do know why, too. I haven't been visiting other blogger sites and leaving comments. My bad. Can't drive traffic if you don't do that. I kind of felt like I was invading the privacy of people I literally don't know.

Maybe what I had to say wouldn't be important or interesting? I guess I'm insecure in that respect. Then if they did come... What would they think of what I've written, put out for the entire world to read? I was scared, I am scared! It's the unknown. Traffic to this blog will never change if I don't do something about it. Changes are about to take place. It's a resolution I've finally made up my mind about.

I'm building a list of blogs I visit frequently, whether or not I comment, I've been there. I'd post the list but I think I need to ask first before I post links. I also need to figure out how to add the links .... I'm still experimenting.

I suppose I'm making progress. I'm reserved about what's next to post. I wonder if it will be interesting enough to garner attention, let alone interesting enough to leave a comment. Uncertainty. Many times, I've visited other sites and not left a comment for a days post.

Occasionally, I can make off the cuff comments, but mostly I have to think about what to say... Sis says I shouldn't think, I should just write and let it go. I wonder if I have spontaneity?

Being a Virgo, I like everything in it's compartmentalized place. No one is perfect. I know I'm not perfect, and they say patience is a virtue.....