15 December 2010


Another day is beginning. There's a nip of chill in the air this morning. I can feel it ... my nose is cold and so are my toes, even though I'm toasty under the covers. Chilly is nothing unusual this time of year in the desert. It's mid December after all. It's dark thirty outside, an hour before daylight. It's supposed to be a balmy 73 today, though forcasters are prediciting rain for tonight and tomorrow ...a cool down comes along with that.

I have the kitchen window is open to circulate the stagnant air. It's not quiet outside. The hum of early pre-rush hour traffic on the freeway, the sounds of the city coming awake. Zoom, Zoom. Dogs up and down the street are barking, I wonder what's set them off this morning. How I miss the peace and quiet of the neighborhood I used to live in. Soooon. We've found a place in that old neighborhood ... more on that in another post.

Stumbling to the kitchen for that first jolt of caffeine. I left some in the pot from late yesterday. I don't have to start a fresh pot just yet. It's defninitely on the agenda, though. I try to be quiet.

Curmudge is still sleeping, I've closed his door in an effort not to disturb him. He'll be up shortly though. Like me, he's an early riser, just not a fast mover, wakes up slowly.

Gibby is under my feet. Nilly is on her perch (my saddle) watching closely and Puzzle waits patiently on my bed. This is not a patient time of day for them. They want to eat! I'm not so quiet moving around the kitchen as I wash out their dishes and get their food ready.

I set food down for Gibby and Nilly and fetch Puzzle from the bed. She doesn't usually walk from the bed to the kitchen. When she does try it, it's a mad dash, stuff gets knocked over, she misses what she's trying to take flight to, and Gibby chases, then she scoots into hiding and waits. It takes a while to coax her out when that happens. I don't understand her reluctance to walk by him, but then maybe she just doesn't like him. It's a cat thing I suppose.

The two neighbor kids are getting ready for school. Like clockwork, their mother showers by 700 AM, most mornings the running water is my wake up. They walk the three short blocks to their school eveyday and have to be there by 810 AM. They're not quiet, but what can I expect? Just wish some days they would use 'inside voices' outside Curmudge's window. Children quiet? Not happening, they're children!

I'm surprised the washer isn't running, too. Our laundry room is communal. It generally runs 24/7. It's on the outer side of our kitchen wall. I/we hear everything when it does run. I should gather up my wash and get it done while it's not occupied.

Computer booted up. Duh! I wouldn't be doing this if it wasn't. Ergh! Blonde moment. Yep I have them, at least one a day and I'm allowed. I've made the quick stops to all the sites I visit, scanned the pages and moved on. I've done a quick search of 'new job postings', too. Nothing of interest this early, rest assured I'll be checking these sites throughout the day.

Routine ... nothing spontaneous about it, even if I'm working and have to get up at an ungodly hour. Have a great day!

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