12 December 2010

Last night ....

Dang! Dang! Dang! IT'S A BUG ....
Sitting at my computer occupying myself playing a game on line ... No, no this is what I do when there's nothing I want to watch on TV. Nope, I don't have 'on demand', I'm behind the times.

Engrossed in the playing when out of the corner of my eye, I spy ... bold as could be .... a large bug blatantly moving across my desk. I know what it is! What gall this prehistoric insect has to sashay into my space!

Needless to say, I had to swat, smush, kill it! Smash! Thwack! I got it! They don't smush easily. Looked around, no evidence of a dead body. Dang it! Nope, guess I didn't get it after all. I hate when that happens. Spooked the cats, they scattered, guess they thought I was after them. Curmudge asked 'what was that?' COCKROACH!

Now I gotta go through everything (and I mean everything) in search of ... In the six months or so I've been here, there have been a few sightings of creepy crawlies, I know they're here, I wish they would stay out of my sight. I have spray and roach dust powder to combat against them ...but the stuff is toxic to me, Curmudge and the cats. Time to get the stuff out again...I did it when I first got here, just in case of.

This is not good!!! If they're running around my desk, it means they've gotten into my file cabinets ... into the oodles of files and paper to nest. Must have disturbed them moving stuff around the other day to wash the kitchen floor. Not happy!

Once they're here, they're nearly impossible to get rid of. They multiply fast, they nest in the walls or anywhere they can find where there's a source of food and water. I seem to remember reading somewhere they multiply enmass in 10-14 days. Dang scavengers! Where there's one, there's likely hundreds more ... disgust.

We're getting ready to move ... they're not going with us! I hate cockroaches! No, I don't hate them! I dislike them! They can't occupy my home either! On the up side of war with the unwanted .... the perfect opportunity arises to go through everything (and I mean everything) stuff no longer needed or wanted can and will go away. A project long overdue as the packing gets done.

They've invaded, the war to eradicate has begun ... at this point anything I do is preventive, and I can hope they don't hitch a ride-along when we do move. Not going to try and figure out where'they're coming from, it's too late for that.

Maybe this is a good thing,maybe not. Now, getting Curmudge to cooperate and be aware of the situation? Well, I don't know about that. Pack his stuff for him? Not happening ... Getting him to part with stuff not needed? Going to be a chore. Likely it'll get plunked into an unmarked box and shoved out the door the day before we start loading stuff up.

I'm a pack rat! I shouldn't talk! He's not so bad in that respect but there is stuff he needs to get rid of (and most of my stuff is in storage). It's just that.... Well, I want it all packed up before we even begin the process of loading for relocation. Makes the whole process go smoother and faster. 'Nuf said, I'll deal...

Assuming they are here (in numbers), they are going to get into whatever I pack. There's little space to stack and store as stuff is packed. Oh crap! What if they migrate into the boxes, find new homes in them? I hate to think ...

What a pain this is going to be. No time to consider ... too late to worry over it, just have to do what needs to be done and hope for the best. Two weeks and counting..... Bummer. I dunno. I'll have to bomb storage too just in case of that's where they came from.

Well, better get after it. We're not overrun yet. Prevention is the key now.

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