16 December 2010

Kurious Kitty's

It's a week before Christmas and all through the apartment boxes are scattered... Pictures off walls...cabinets, drawers, and closets emptied in preparation...

Kurious kitty's investigate each new box as it's put together ...
Where are we going? They look at me with questions in their eyes... Today, tomorrow the next day...when? Soooooon, I tell them, soon. I tell them they won't get left behind, they will like the new place. It's bigger, new places to explore, more places to hidey-hold up and snooze the day away. And yes, zoom, zoom during their 'after we go to sleep' play... Their playground is getting bigger and so is ours.

They go about their usual daily business with an ever watchful eye... they hover in anticipation, wait and watch... assured they will be going too. Nilly has brought me the bathtub stopper...dropped it in the box I've set on the floor to load pots and pans into. Puzzle's contribution and gift today is a hairball.. EW yuck! Paper towels here I come. I accept graciously, I know she wants me to have it. Nerves, I'm assuming her tummy is twisted in knots.. we'll have to take care of that. Gibby has plunked down and rolled over on his back for a nap.. when I get done with this box, I know I won't get close enough before he jumps out of the way with a scowl in his eyes as if to say, 'you've disturbed my nap....' Ooooooo what's this? A new box? He has a good sniff and wanders off.

Assistance from Curmudge? Just a teeny-weeny bit? Well, maybe, I can hope can't I? Gotta love procrastination. He's been sleeping in the last couple of mornings, hard to get him moving. Hard to get anything done this way.

He says 'there isn't that much to pack up .... you're getting way ahead of yourself.' I say 'better to get it done, just in case of we get some work unexpectedly...' He perks up and says...'that would be nice, my phone isn't ringing, is yours?' Nope mine isn't ringing either...We both know it's wishful thinking....It would be a pleasant diversion and wonderful surprise, too.

Dear Santa,
I'd like to wish you a merry Christmas and Happy New Year.
Here's my 'wish' list kind sir.
Do you think you could bring me a job?
I'm not little like the children, or your elves, but this is my one and only wish for 2011. Thank you, Santa for all the wonderful gifts you've brought me over the years.

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