25 November 2010

It's Thanksgiving

I'm thankful for the food for the table and the weather is comfortably chilly for AZ. I got up very early this morning since I didn't have a chance this week to do the 'do ahead' shopping, cooking and baking that comes with the holidays. I'd had a chance to work on Tuesday and Wednesday so I took the opportunity. So, today had to begin early.

I had my coffee and got right after it....baking pumpkin bread. When that was done, it was off to the store for much needed things for our meal. Things I hadn't shopped for the previous weeks.

Home again, it was time to get the bird in the oven... Made stuffing, yum. This year it's a combination of cornbread and turkey flavor with onion, mushrooms, and celery. Sorry guys and girls, I didn't make it from scratch, it came from a box, time was of the essence, here. Standard stuff for me. Traditional, too. Been doing this same stuffing for many years...

The bird went into the oven on schedule as I had planned. I plan to have everything ready and on the table by 2 PM. I was able to take a short break after I cleaned up the kitchen. Something I learned from my grandmother...it keeps you ahead of the mess, and there isn't so much to clean up after the fact. I watched a little of the parade. As soon as it was over, it was time to run the vacuum cleaner, dust, and spruce up the bathroom. We invited some friends for dinner, today.

Time to peel and dice the vegetables. First the squash, it's the hardest to do. This year, I chose a butternut. I plan to mash it. Then the sweet potato. I plan to mash them too. Curmudge likes sweet potato, so this was for him. He did the vacuuming for me today. Thank you. Had to wash the utensils again, they were so sticky I couldn't hold on to them. I peeled nearly five pounds of white potatoes, too. Everything was set on the stove and ready to turn on at the right time.

Got my new anti-virus program installed in my computer and the internet service changed over to Curmudge's service. This required buying a router and wireless USB adaptor. We had been out earlier in the week and bought what we needed, so I had everything I needed to get it done. It didn't take long to hook it up and voila it's running...Yay! I now have high speed internet. We can both be on line at the same time. We're a mini-network.

Turn the bird was the next order of business and turn on the veggies. We're getting there. Then our neighbors let us know they weren't going to make it over for dinner...short notice is always nice especially after the invite was offered a month ago. Another friend called to cancel too, but in this case, I'd already expected he would have dinner with his folks, since it's usually what he does every year. Their loss.

I'm thankful for what we do have. Plenty of leftovers. We'll eat turkey for a long, long time. It's a big bird 16.62 pounds...stuffed probably more like 18-19 pounds....and with all the other fixin's, I have enough to feed a small army if they're not hungry, eight to ten if they are hungry.

The bird is ready, the veggies have been mashed and are being kept warm in the oven, while I make the gravy and plate stuff up. We're close, so it's time to get away from here and get it done. Good groceries, better food, let's eat, it's finally ready. I'm running 7 minutes behind schedule. That's not bad.

I cooked up the giblets for the kitty's, their treat for today. They deserve it for not being under my feet while I've been trying to cook.

Happy Thanksgiving! To everyone who reads my blog, thank you, too.


  1. dumb neighbors! they missed out on a good meal.

  2. I heard that I did...Needless to say, Rich got a bigger care package than he would have and what was left is all gone now....Their loss, is all I can say to that.


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