10 November 2010

It's a tad nippy this morning....in Arizona

For those of us who live in Arizona, this is a welcome time of year after the summer heat. Yes, it's the middle of November almost, too. The thermostat reads 68 degrees, and I've just gone to find my slippers, my feet are cold. Yes, cold! I put a sweater on too. It's just before sunrise, the coldest time of day.

Curmudge remarked he was cold an hour ago when he was getting ready for work. He was all bundled up when he went out the door. I had to laugh, though I'd never admit to being chilled. Time to get out the blankets and comforters. This is Arizona after all, it never really gets cold here, right? Bah! Yes it does get 'chilly' after you've lived here as long as I have. This is the desert, too!

I've had the AC shut down since early last week, though temperatures have been hovering in the lower eighty's in the daytime, it's off. Before you know it, Curmudge will want the heat on. I can live without the heat, don't need it, don't want it. Put a sweater on .... get up and move around, get that blood pumping and circulating. Mother and Grandmother would remind us all of this fact when we were growing up and complaining about the cold.

I haven't lived where it truly gets cold for more than thirty years, so this is a wonderful welcome time of year for me. I look forward to it, welcome it. BIG SIGH, it gets here later and later every year it seems. I'm reminded of the 'heat island' effect of this sprawling metro area. This is why I live on the outskirts of the city where there are farms and ranches. It stays a few degrees cooler.

It's going to be a nice, nice day. I'm not going to spend it inside, though I haven't quite decided what I will do outside.... I'll figure something out. What a gorgeous day!

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