02 November 2010

How did I get my CB handle?

In the late 1980's and into the 1990's I was an electrician's apprentice. I didn't do well bending pipe so the boss put me on the wire pulling crew.

The wire pulling crew pulled all the wire on our jobs. We were a small group. Usually only three or four of us in the crew. Once the wire was all pulled in an area we went back and tied the wire together for the devices that would go in the walls and ceilings. Usually, I was the one first sent back to tie wires together with 'wire connectors' aka wire nuts.I kept my supplies in a grocery cart and it went everywhere with me on the site. The wire crew always knew where to come when they needed more wire nuts. So, they started calling me Wirenut. It stuck.

I started CBing before I went to truck driving school and I was looking for a unique handle to use. Someone on the crew suggested I use 'Wirenut'. Eveyone thought I was nuts when I told them I was going trucking. Ironically, they were mostly retired over the road truckers. They would be sorry to see me leave, but wished me well and success. I took the handle with me. To this day, I'm known as 'Wirenut' on the road.

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