19 November 2010

Care Packages and 'yummy' foods from the past

My sister sent me a care package! Woohoo!

In the box, I discovered a can of 'Boston Brown Bread'(yum, yum), a jar of whole onions, a small turnip, and some miscellaneous things she threw in to make the box look more stuffed. Why these particular things? I can't buy a can of brown bread anywhere in AZ. The same goes for the jar of small whole onions. Fresh turnip is hard to come by as well. I got a kick out of the empty soda bottle, too, but understood it was for packing material so the glass jar might not break in transit.

I like my brown bread with hot dogs and baked beans. If you don't care for hot dogs, subsitute kielbasa, smoked sausage, or bratwurst. Have to warm this bread (follow the directions on the can) and slather it with butter, or whatever spread you use.

I know, I know, slathering butter? Artery clogging thought, EW! Yep, makes the bread more tasty, but then this is my personal opinion. The bread is high in calories, 99% fat free and no cholesterol. It's pretty high in sodium, too. I wouldn't recommend it if you're on a low sodium diet or counting calories, but it's a wonderful addition to an otherwise bland meal.

When I was growing up, on Saturday's Mum would fix big pot of baked beans and we would have homemade baked beans, hot dogs, and brown bread for dinner that night. As I recall, it was a weekly staple in our house.

I've missed having these little whole onions on my Thanksgiving table since we moved to AZ. Just a little something for extra variety. They're not pickled, nor are they for putting into cocktails. Just warm them and add to any meal, but my preference is during the holidays especially at Thanksgiving. Good anytime of the year, though, with roast chicken, beef or pork complimenting mashed potatoes gravy, stuffing, squash, peas and cranberry sauce.

As I mentioned before I've had trouble finding turnip in AZ too. I don't know too many folks who like turnip, (it's probably the taste) maybe that's why they're not found out here frequently. I like turnip with my Thanksgiving dinner, I get my fill and don't think about it again until the next year. I cook turnip the same way I cook potatoes (for mashing), except I don't use milk, just a little chicken broth and some butter or margerine.

Six days and counting to Thanksgiving. We've invited a few friends to join us and I will do all the cooking. There's a lot to do, and I can and will get it all done...mostly before hand, except for cooking the turkey (the day of). Because of this little care package, dinner will be a success in a traditional New England way.

I wanted everyone to know what a wonderful sister I have. You've made my life better in so many ways. Thank you, thank you, thank you!


  1. You are very welcome! It was fun getting the box together... although I did drag my feet a little getting it in the mail! I hoped it would make it on time... and it did!

  2. I certainly enjoyed the brown bread! Wouldn't even share with Curmudge, either. It was all mine! Onions were welcome addition to turkey dinner, again thank you....Got a kick out of the empty soda bottle for filler. I chuckled more than I'll admit. Refreshing and fun. Thanks for the coffee coupons, too. I'll be passing them along to Deb or Rich....but the half and half coupons will stay in my grubby clutches for Christmas fixin's....Yay! Lot's n' lots of fresh whipped creme! Just gotta figure out what else I'm having for dinner that day...keep you posted.


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