03 October 2010

Sunday mornings

Sunday mornings are for sleeping in. Sunday is the first day of the new work week. A day for rest or relaxation or whatever you want to do with it. BUT, it's not for getting up at the crack of dawn especially after you've finally gone to sleep three hours earlier. I'm sitting here in a fog nursing a massive lack of sleep headache even the coffee isn't curing this morning....

I couldn't get to sleep last night. Even the usual routine of reading didn't relax me enough to fall asleep. Usually it doesn't take long to fall asleep after reading for a few minutes...not last night! I've been stretching the waking hours the last few days because my roommate has been watching TV until the wee hours...the lack of quality sleep is catching up with me I suppose.

Still trying to clear the fog. My roommate got up early early, a rarity on any other day. But, I sleep in the living room and when you sleep in the living room, it's not cool to turn on the TV and disturb the other person trying to sleep. I went off! He didn't go to bed until after midnight and then he bumbled around the apartment all night...he was trying to be quiet but didn't quite succeed. I'm sure he thought about turning on the TV again, to sit and stare into nothingness, but at least he had the courtesy not to do that. If he had, I think I'd have gone over the edge and would have hastily exited taking myself and the kitty's to a motel which I know I can't afford. Yes, I'm complaining!

"But I thought you wanted to get back into the routine of getting up early?" He said (sort of contritely)....I bit my tongue to avoid making any comments that would bring on a loud disagreement between us, we have too many of those as it is...Yep, sure, I want to get up early and get back into a routine, but hell I don't want to do it at the expense of my rest! And I was thinking; 'Yeah the routine would be great if you'd go to bed at a reasonable hour and go to sleep'. (Early to bed early to rise....is that the old adage?) They say older folks don't sleep as much as they did in their younger years....My roommate is old! I guess that accounts for the lack of sleeping he does....maybe not.

I apologised after the initial outburst and so did he, but it doesn't change the fact that I'm probably going to stay a grump all day. He'll stay out of my way, I'd guess. He watched as I stumbled around picking up my bedding, folding it up, and breaking down the air mattress...I sleep on a queen sized camp air mattress on a sturdy frame, in the living room. It's way cool and convenient. This is a small apartment and we are cramped here.

With all this going on, in the background and under my feet there's a kitty voice calling 'feed me, feed me'. It's persistent and an everyday occurrence. They wait patiently until I get up and make it past them without stepping on them, then the one voice becomes three chiming all together. Routine. They get fed first even before I get my first cup of coffee.

Used to be, before I came to stay here, I had all sorts of big and little kitty voices talking to me as I made my way to the kitchen first thing in the morning. Fortunately, I only have three now. Back then sometimes the multitudes would come in and play the zoom game over under back and forth to wake me up. It got my attention. Back then, too after the kitty's were fed, there was at least two cups of coffee, then out the door to feed the horses at the neighbors. That used to be the 'usual' routine. I haven't had that routine for more than three months now. It's way past time to get back into some kind of practical routine.

Anyway, I've never been one to go back to bed after taking care of the necessary feeding of the animals, unless I was truly not feeling well or confined to bed with some sort of ailment. I couldn't do it here anyway. The sun shines into the living room where I sleep and wakes me. With the summer officially over, daylight comes around five fifteen, sunrise occurs sometime just after six fifteen, and doesn't make it's bright 'light bulb' presence known until around seven AM, after that I am unable to sleep. In the back of my mind, too, there's this niggling feeling, I might miss something if I don't get up and get functional.

I can always find something to do...I've been in recovery mode for a number of months now and not been on any kind of regular schedule or routine. In general, I can get up after six or seven hours of rest without the assistance of an alarm clock. There are days when I can (and probably should) take a nap, but I really don't like to nap, it's screws up the rest of the sleep pattern. Regular routines are supposed to happen during the working week and not on weekends! And of course this is my opinion.

In any case...SUNDAYS ARE FOR SLEEPING IN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(if you can ha!) Not in this house!

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