16 October 2010

Grandmother's pearls

I'm going to add a link to my sister's blog; www.tildentalks.com just because the 'picnic' pix she posted reminded me. This pix had my sis, that's the first place your eyes go, and she wasn't smiling. Then there were my brothers, my mum and Grandmother dressed in black and wearing pearls. Yep, sure enough pearls and a tiny hat. I suspect they had been to church before they had that picnic and I don't remember where I was when it was taken. I do know the picture was taken at my grandparents summer home in Wolfeboro, NH. It's a vague memory, but I remember Papa building that table and painting it that horrible green. Anyway, I thought it was a horrible color, turns out it was a common color, forest green.

Grandmother always had advice for accessorizing or dressing up whatever you might have in your closet or dresser. She was definitely a penny pincher. In the thirty's, forty's, and fifty's pearls, gloves and lacy handkerchief's were a lady's inexpensive accessory to any outfit. I don't ever remember a picture of her without those pearls around her neck.

Pearls will compliment most any type of dress. Excellent for an evening out dancing with friends, going to the movies, going to work, and to church on Sundays. Yes, I also have a set of pearls and I'd wear them if the occasion arose, and yes, I'd wear them with blue jean's and boots, too.

Blue jean's and boots are my favorite attire on any given day, 'cause I'm working around the horses, or driving a big rig. I wouldn't consider wearing pearls to do daily around the house chores like Grandmother did. The work I do is much harder on a string of pearls than what Grandmother's lifestyle was. I've been known to dress up which is not often, mind you, but always blue jean's and boots. I've put pearls around my neck, on my fingers, and in my ears, and then I have topped it all off with a dressy cowboy hat for the occasion.

When Grandmother dressed for the day, she knew what she was going to do for that day, whether or not it included dong housework, going to the grocery, or whatever she had planned. She never went anywhere without her pearls. She definitely did not go out of the house without them, her gloves, or that lacy little handkerchief poking out of her handbag.

I wouldn't dress like that today, and I'm a grandmother, but I'm not your average 'stay at home' grandmother either. I still work. In those days, grandmother's and moms stayed at home raising children and taking care of the home. Men brought home the sole income. Times have changed seventy-five plus years later, but I still have 'my' pearls.

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  1. I remember those gloves, the purse and the little handbag.I distinctly remember the way she held the gloves in her hands with the purse over her arm.And how she crossed her feet, not her legs. The lacey handkerchief only came out to dab at an eye or daintily blot the nose.
    I also remember the quiet talk around me,phrases like "act like a lady" or "that's not very ladylike." Often spoken with a thinly veiled sneer.


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