23 September 2010

just thoughts

It's time I drew some attention to this blog and I haven't a clue where to start of where to begin... I'm not much of a writer I suppose, but I do give it a 'good ole college' try every time I post something. Good or bad, its here for everyone to see.

I've been looking at other bloggers sites. I am impressed with what they do. I think I'd have to work really hard to have sites like they have. I'm envious and I wonder if I have the energy.

It's been a helluva a year for me. The company I worked for closed it's doors in 2009 and I've worked a sum total of four days since that time. I've had a myraid of medical issues this year as well. I'm pleased to announce, I've received a clean bill of health and will go on living.

I'm frustrated and often times even angry about the state of affairs in this country. Never mind the state of affairs in the state I live in. I'm ashamed to admit where I live, and I don't want to live here any more.

Today's politics during the best of times is confusing. In today's age of real time media reporting, it becomes more confusing, more frustrating, and in my opinion more convoluted. I'm not political by any stretch of the imagination. I tend to sit back and adopt a watch, wait and see attitude. I try to stay informed so I can make a reasonable choice when the time comes to vote. Yeah, I get that if I am not at least a little vocal about how I feel....I might not motivate someone else to get out and vote. It's not important who or what you vote for, the bottom line is to get out and vote. The choice is yours and not mine.

I've wanted to relocate for a number of years. Unfortunately, I find myself in the untenable situation of not having the funds to make it happen, let alone the assets to cover living expenses until I find a job in the new location. Yeah, yeah having a job before I leave where I am presently would be the best course of action. On the flip side, the move, when it happens is nearly 3000 miles. A five to six day driving trip across country with three cats and a horse. Logically having that new job to go to before I move is the best case scenario. Since the moving part of the trip is so long, it may be necessary to get there first and establish myself. It's a coin toss. Both ideas have merits. In any case, I'm frustrated because I can't make it happen today! So, I dream, wish, and strategize. It makes me crazy sometimes.

What else bugs me? I'll have to think on this question some. I'm sure I'll think of something sooner or later. I'll post it another time. Have a wonderful day everyone.


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