15 August 2010

I couldn't sleep

Sunday, August 15, 2010 0259AM

I don't know if it was something outside that woke me or a combination of things. But I couldn't sleep. It's just after 0300 MST and my roommate is sleeping soundly. So I'm trying to be quiet and not having much luck.

Already, I've made a list of things I need to do today mostly comprised of things I didn't get done yesterday. I've booted up the computer, checked email, and did a short search for jobs that might be interesting to apply for. I've been looking for months. No one answered any of the emails I sent this week, so there was nothing to answer. The jobs I could apply for require applying on-line.

I did do one of those on-line thingy's on Friday. It took nearly two hours to get it complete and right so it would be accepted by the prospective employer. I can only surmise if you don't do it exactly right, even if it's accepted, you probably won't ever hear from that prospective employer. I have to wonder what an 'on-line application' looks like when it reaches the other end. I guess these days employers want to know you can use the computer or at least have some literacy about using it.

I hate to try and clean the apartment even when my roommate is home even if the hour is more normal. I know I'd be irritated if someone ran the vacuum around me (awake or not). I'd be irritated if someone loaded the dishwasher and set it to running a cycle especially in the wee hours. And I'd be pissed off if someone was cleaning in the bathroom and I desperately needed to use it. I can get these things done in a timely manner sometime later today. I hope. For now, I'll just put them on the bottom of my 'to do list'.

It's even too early to go to the store for the things I forgot yesterday when I was there. Apparently, they were either not on my list or I forgot to walk down the aisle to find them. The store I've been shopping at lately is not my usual neighborhood store, so I have to literally walk all the aisles to find stuff.

I could go for a walk, but I won't. This neighborhood I'm staying in isn't the safest. I'd be concerned not about getting mugged, but more about getting hit by some impaired driver trying to find his/her way home after a Saturday night out. It's still way dark outside.

Mind you, I'm not complaining. I'm awake and up. I feel like I should be doing something productive. I actually have energy this morning. I hate to do housework but it's something we all have to do.

I did get the kitties fed, they're happy for the moment and I did make a small pot of coffee which is nearly gone already. So, in lieu of being 'housework productive' at this early hour, I punch away at these keys rambling on about what I can't do, should do, instead of laying down again and trying to go back to sleep for a couple more hours. Maybe I'll give snoozing a try after all....after I clean the litter boxes! More later.

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