07 December 2009

Happiness is....spoiled kitties...and my side of the bed

I'm over warm, comforter on, comforter off, feet covered, feet uncovered, flip-flop, flip-flop. Crack an eye at the clock to try to see what time it is. I don't know why I'm looking, I can't see it without my glasses on. Is it time to get up yet? Probably not, the radio alarm hasn't gone off, it's set for 0145 AM.

Gawd, the kitties have forgotten they only get to sleep on half the bed. They can't be that cold! Turn on the light. They're offended and glare at me. "Too bad." I mutter plucking 1,2,3,4 bodies from my side of the bed unceremoniously dumping them among their brothers, sisters, and cousins. Everyone is disturbed and takes flight in a huff.

Know what? I'm disturbed, too. You disturbed my sleep! "Now go away! You only get half the bed to sleep on." I thrash around a few minutes straightening the covers, punching pillows and getting settled again. More exodous from the bed. Light out, I try to find a comfortable position, thinking....maybe I have an hour before I have to get up.

About the time I drop off to a good snooze, leap, leap, one by one, here they come again. My side of the bed is not an option as they try to settle around my legs. Vindictively, I wait until they're almost settled and then....I flip the blanket off carrying then with...thud, thud, thud, scatter, scatter. They hit the floor and are gone again-just temporarily though, I know they will be back. They don't give in easily.

The logical solution would be to banish them from the bedroom and close the door, shut them out. I don't know why, but I can't sleep with the door closed. Next logical solution would be to toss them outside. It's freezing out---not a good idea as much as I would like to. They have good hidey-holes to crawl up into in the living room. (At least I think they're good hidey-holes, I don't know how they think.) Their kennels (five and four chairs) with clean 'binkies' are there for them, and I left the heat on out there, too. Even my TV chair is a favored nesting spot for them.

Well, I'm gonna give up on getting anymore 'quality' sleep....light on again, glasses in place, I head for the kitchen to start the coffee pot. It's only 0130 AM, but that's all right. Maybe, (wishful thinking it is), I'll be able to drink the whole pot before I have to walk to the neighbors at 0250AM to stay with the eight, no nine year old. She had a birthday last week.

I'm followed, they haunt me, and they're under foot while I make the coffee. "Someone is going to get stepped on." I remind them as I shuffle my feet along the floor. I get the food out, ready and set the dishes on the floor for them. Gingerly stepping over them, I open the door for the ones that want to go out. I slip into my flip-flops and head oustide to retrieve the dish I left ouside overnight, they follow me there, too. It's definitely nippy out here this morning.

Back inside, they're finally settling into eating mode, maybe I can make it to the bathroom without stepping on anyone. Not happening! There's always a lagger and he/she (I don't know which one it is) scoots out of the bedroom as I turn the corner for the bathroom. We collide and theres' a yowl of outrage, and then it's gone. Oh well, nothing new here. You'd think they would learn my feet are hazardous. Maybe one day soon, they'll figure it out, I can hope, can't I?

Gee, the coffee smells awfully good this morning. Pouring a cup, I head for the table to find my cigarettes and check the clock. Yep, I still smoke. I pull a sweater on and head outside for this early indulgence.

The sky is nearly overcast. The late rising moon, what's left of it, is a blur behind the clouds scudding across the sky. A storm is coming. The light breeze carries the refreshing smell of the creosote bush which can only be smelled after a rain or heavy dew.

Can't linger overlong over this cigarette, still have a few things to do before I go. Litter boxes, dishes, refill the dry food dishes inside and out, and bag the trash for the dumpster, which I'll drop on my way up the driveway. Oh yeah, I need to check my briefcase for paper and pens, so I can start this blog.

All is done and one last check of things before I head out. I take a quick head count to see who is in and who might be out. I decide to leave the door open a little so they can get in/out as they want to. I won't be back for a few hours and I don't know when the storm is going to hit.
I want them to be able to get out of the weather.

Are they spoiled? You bet!
Have a great day, everyone.

05 December 2009

Happiness is: Kitties that are warm....the Arizona weather, too.

Most of my kitties were born in the spring or summer months, so this time of year they are cold. I'll just admit up front, I have too many in various stages of growth. Some are as young as four months while others are seven or eight months old. I have five that are older than a year. The total number is not important.

The adult cats, being that they are independent, do not huddle with their counterparts, rather they will find a temporary place to curl up and nap. They're more adaptable to maintaining their body heat, I guess.

When the little ones are born they huddle together for warmth. It's interesting to watch them at this stage of their life. My favorite TV chair and my bed have become this years' favored places to huddle together as they take turns getting warm and giving warmth to their friends.
They vie for position starting at the top and working their way to the bottom. But they only stay at the bottom a short time. Once they're warm they'll move, not far though, to allow another to crawl under the warm bodies and get warm. It doesn't take long to settle down and go to sleep. Thankfully, they're not much for scooting under my blankets, but they do bunch them together to make a sort of nest.

It's early, still two hours before daylight, and it's cold. In some other parts of the country, the summer gradually gives way to fall and then to winter. After Labor Day, the air seems to get drier and crisper as the days get shorter. By Thanksgiving most of the colorful leaves of the season have fallen from the trees and early mornings have a definite nip in the air, though daytimes can still be comfortable as the nights turn colder, dropping to forty and sometimes to freezing. Sometimes winter will come before December 21 with the first snowfall and by Chirstmas likely everything will be frozen and daytime temps will hover around freezing.

It's a good story anyway.

Here in the desert SW, often the transition is not so gradual. More likely the daytime temps will stay between eighty and ninety until the end of October and sometimes into mid-November. Nights will start to cool down and be comfortable. The cooler nights this time of the year are a welcomed relief from the upper nineties and low one hundreds of the warmer parts of the year. It takes a while for a body to adjust.

Artic air arrived this week plunging nighttime temps into the low forties in downtown and upper thrities where I live. Sometimes this artic air can drop temps below freezing for an extended time and in it's wake leave a light frost. It's not unheard of, nor is it unheard of for the desert to have snow. Snow is another story.

Yesterday, I finally closed the sliding door frustrating the four legged ones to no end. They are free roaming and as such get miffed if/when they can't get in/out as they wish.

Sorry kids, but I'm cold!!!!!! I love the cooler temps, but let's face it, no one wants to be cold!

I hate closing the door, makes it stuffy in here when I have to. It's better to close the door than to heat the outside, never mind it's not real energy efficient. They will get over it. This sliding door is an older (more like vintage late seventies) door. It has safety glass in it, not the newer double insulated glass used today. It's either too hot to the touch or too cold to the touch. I guess you could say, it's a game I play trying to beat the chill this time of the year. There's no winning with it.

The sun comes up at 0730 this time of the year. My trailer with an east exposure doesn't get any sun until after 0830. There's a mountain in the way. (I hate to complain, but I'm going to. The reverse is true during the warmer months of the year. The east exposure gets too much sun then) It's a good day this time of the year when the trailer heats up to sixty-five before noon.

Yep, I've pulled out the sweaters, sweatshirts, jackets, and extra blankets. I dusted off the space heaters, too. I set one in the big room (combination living room/kitchen where I spend a good deal of my time). I set it at fifty-five. The other I set outside the bedroom door so it will also warm the bathroom. It's set at sixty and only use it at night. Better to put on more layers and be able to peel them off when one gets warm enough, than to try and heat this drafty place to a comfortable sixty-eight or seventy. Last night was the first time I turned on the heater for the bedroom, and then it only ran a short while. I had plenty of company vying for space on the bed. I do have an electric blanket, but the darn thing uses more electricity than the space heaters do, and it only works when it feels like it. Time to toss it I guess, but then it makes a decent extra blanket when necessary.

They're starting to move around now. A few have headed outside, others' are playing the 'zoom game'. Zoom here, zoom there, back and forth from one end of the trailer to the other at a high rate of speed. God forbid if I happen to get in the way, I will likely step on somebody and make them unhappy. We have been known to leap from chair to chair, table to table, over sleeping bodies and sometimes we even land smack dab in the middle of the sleeping ones just to be irritating. I think they do it just to get my attention. We like to play in the bathtub too. It's a recently discovered place, it is. Yesterday while I was babysitting, the mobs decided to shred a mega roll of toilet paper. They got into the vanity where I keep it. I'm still picking up pieces here and there. I was kind of upset about the waste, but I think shredding toilet paper is the lesser of two evils. I'd rather the shredding than turning over the trash can and having that spread all over the place.

Kitty toys are spread all over the trailer, too. A myraid of catnips toys, string, little pieces of wood they've dragged in from outside, plastic balls with bells in them. You name it. We even have a few balled up pieces of aluminum foil we like to chase around, never mind the milk jug rings and empty toilet paper rolls. Sometimes they remind me of toddlers, they can't just play with one toy, they have to have them all out. They loose interest really fast, too. I just haven't figured out how to get them to put them away again when they're done. I suppose it's my lot in life.

The littlest will huddle together all day long. I don't think they're quite old enough to be weaned from their mothers, but is seems the mother's have abandoned them, so I'll do what I can to make them comfortable . It's all about happiness, and it won't stay cold all that long here.

Have a great day everyone.