08 November 2009

Early Risers

As I came up the drive this morning to my neighbors where I keep my horse and stay with an 8 year old from 0300-0745 AM (when she goes to school)...another neighbor's domestic black bunny scoots across the drive in front of me. He doesn't stay in a rabbit hutch like most domestic bunny's, he roams freely in their backyard. This morning he's wandered a goodly distance from security causing me to wonder if it's for forage, or just curiousity. I know very little about bunny's and their habits, so my immediate concern this morning is he's going to dart away in the wrong direction, get lost, become coyote bait, or get hit by another driver using our driveway.

I've already been up over an hour and fed my too many kitties at home and I've walked in the door at my neighbors to be greeted enthusiastically by the four 'yappy' little dogs and 3 large cats they have. Two small dogs go outside immediately the other two run for cover under the bed. They don't like me but that's another story for another time.

Grandma is still getting dressed for work, so, to settle down the critters, I go about setting out food for them and changing their water dishes. By the time Grandma emerges from dressing, they're settled down and out from under foot. She and I will have a chance to talk for a few minutes before she leaves.

I sit on Gramdma's porch every morning, it's where I have my coffee and smoke. Sometimes the quiet of this time of day can be deafening, but most days it's relaxing. This morning one of the two dogs in the backyard is barking at who know what. I suspect there's something in the pasture that's got her going.

Traveler (my horse) is in the pasture, but he's quiet .... more than likely trying to sleep through her noise. So there's no real cause for concern. I'd worry if he were calling, dancing and prancing about making all kinds of noise, but he's not, sooooo. Grandma keeps 7 horses here, I've mentioned mine, there are three other large sized horses and three miniatures (they are horses, not ponies). I don't expect any of them to stir much before daylight. Then they will begin a chorus to let me know it's time to eat. There isn't much patience when it's time for food.

Cows are lowing this morning. There is a large dairy two blocks away. They have 5,000cattle they breed and use for milk. An occasional car passes the house at this hour, but within the next hour the traffic will pick up considerably. Our street is an alternate route for the major street a mile to the north. I can hear the muted hum of traffic on the freeway which is 5 miles away, too. The airport comes to life about four AM and air traffic begins to increase - depending on the wind direction - we are in the flight path, sometimes.

I like this time of day...I can watch the few clouds scudding by obscuring the 'Little Dpiier' which by the way, stands on it's handle this time of the year. I can pre-write my blog for the day undisturbed though I don't usually post until a few hours later. Before I post, I re-read, correct my thoughts and/or modify it entirely.

Little tinges of daylight begin to appear on the eastern horizon telling me it's time to wake the young miss to get ready for school. So starts another day for the early riser.


  1. Makes me wonder if "rural" is genetic. I grew up in the 'burbs but I feel most at home in the country. Go figure.

  2. Might be that we just like the peace and quiet of rural better....hmmmm? I know I do, but then I wasn't born in the burbs, I was born in Laconia and grew up in the country, that's what Gilford was back then, i can't say about today, though. I haven't been there in many years....


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