10 October 2009

Brand new to this

October 10, 2009

Wish me luck as I endeavor to start a new journey blogging.

I've a lot on my mind these days. Been unemloyed for six months. Still spend a part of each day searching for another job.

I'm in trucking. I paid my dues many years ago as an over the road driver, driving coast to coast. When I burned out on the coast to coast thing, I did some regional driving. I really like the western United States. Some of my most favorite spots are I-80 top of Donner Pass at the rest area, Snoqualamie Pass in Washington State, and the Mount Shasta area in northern CA along I-5.

More recently, I drive a belly dump or operate a Supper 18 dump truck. I like not having to get out of the truck to unload my cargo.

Anyway, I'll be posting regularly on a variety of different things, over and above my trucking experiences. More later.....have a wonderful day!


  1. this is a great first post!

    check out
    see if you can guess who's who!

  2. I'd have to say the first was from our niece in Scituate, her writing is very like the way she talks....

    I enjoyed your story about your little house, too. You should write a book,maybe? I think you'd be very good at it.

  3. Another morning searching job websites looking for a job.

    The weather is really georgeous here in Phoenix.
    I hate the summer heat, and live for the cooler temps of this time of the year through next April. This nice time of the year passes so quickly, I'm already dreading the heat of next summer.

    anyway, i need to get after it and see what I can acomplish in the way of outside work around my trailer. Have a great day!


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