01 January 2019

On a clear chilly New Years' day

Downtown Phoenix, AZ from the trail head @ 19th Ave.

                                        Looking south from the top of South Mountain

                                          Looking east from the trail head @ 19th Ave

31 December 2018

Reflections 2018

January Sunset

Traveler's Grandson

Kitties on the bed

Blooming Saguaro

Forgot to put the flaps up. The laydown machine did it's thing

He wouldn't come out of the rain!


What it it?

Today's outside temperature 8.7.18

Covered bridge in Plymouth, MA cooler climes

First divided road? Carver, MA

It poured buckets.....soggy soggy

Definitely soggy in his pen

Storms a brewin'

Sunset clouds over the house

Awesome Saguaro

Very first Faerie Garden


This years Christmas Cacti

Pretty Sunset

Gibby found his new bed

Monster 'Tigger'

Puzzle and Nilly love their new bed