19 September 2019

Today's Travels 09.19.19

Started out at the Cohasset Harbor Masters parking area, where awesome shots can be made most anytime of the day.

This bird was waiting for breakfast, the boats were in docked and there wasn't much to scavenger for; I'm sure he eventually found something.

Brackish water rushing from the marsh into the harbor as the tide goes out. There isn't much foam today, I've seen more on past visits.

       Minot Beach, so love that someone has put a flag out there on the rock.

I would love to visit this house. I'm not sure .... I heard somewhere the only access is by boat. It's at the entrance to Cohasset Harbor.

Same house at the entrance to Cohasset Harbor. Different angle, different light, across the marsh Taken from Minot Beach Parking area, Bailey's Causeway.

01 January 2019

On a clear chilly New Years' day

Downtown Phoenix, AZ from the trail head @ 19th Ave.

                                        Looking south from the top of South Mountain

                                          Looking east from the trail head @ 19th Ave