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05 April 2014

Employer Insurance (an update)

About three weeks ago, I applied for health care insurance through my employer. I chose the higher premium plan of the three offered because I know if I do get sick ... again, it will probably be as catastrophic as it has been in the last six or seven years. I'll burn up a deductible easily with an ER visit and a two day stay and once the deductible is met the plan will pay 100%.

As employees, we've had no new information or update since the original meeting with the insurance reps. I expected we would be asked to sign documentation for premium deductions...and the document for the '125 cafeteria plan' which allows the employer to deduct premiums before taxes. It does make the premium cost a little less. 

I've been checking the mailbox regularly to see if there is information from the plan to say "I'm covered". I'm told insurance cards should be in the mail this week (first week of April). 

This week my paycheck did reflect the 'first' premium payment. I was surprised to discover a higher than expected premium. I have to think it was because we were not given the documentation for the '125 cafeteria plan' to sign. A question that still needs to be addressed along with others.

Will I be covered? I've been reading some horror stories about Obamacare and people who have chosen a plan, paid the premium only to discover they weren't covered...

This is a 'private employer plan' through a reputable company, I have to think it will provide coverage.

We'll wait and see....

29 March 2014

My wine for today…

Okay, (sigh) I’m feeling a little out of sorts today, more than sluggish, little motivation to do stuff normally accomplished on Saturdays and Sundays …

It’s been a long week at work… 56.42 hours/6 days combination days-nights. I get paid by the hour so it’s all good on the pay check after the fact….

I was thinking … sometimes not such a good thing, and my sis would say I over think, but I’m gonna do it anyway!

How many hours in a week? Answer: 128. Now if you work 56.42 hours that leaves: 111.58 hours for other things. Sleep is required;  personally for me, it’s minimally 6 hours a night; I really would like it to be more if I could get it occasionally. Over 7 days; 42 hours …. leaving 69.58 hours. Now lets divide that by 7 leaving about 9.94 hours in a day for other stuff… relaxation, care of household, pets and other persons (if you have them), errands, TV, internet, etc. and the point is? Sometimes stuff just doesn’t get done and you wonder where the time went or think you need to make more time to do stuff,  and put off until tomorrow what didn‘t get done today…. Procrastination!

Time management isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be… sometimes, ‘things’ just get in the way of what appears to be a ‘perfectly’ organized schedule, like extra work on very short notice!

I don’t know about anyone else…but it’s getting harder. I find it more and more difficult to relax and regroup after spending 13 hours in the seat and then having to come home, feed the animals, myself, do other stuff, and then lay down to try and sleep for four or five hours before getting up to go back to work.

Today, when I got home (around 7 AM) and after working what amounted to a double shift with maybe(?) six hours between shifts, my kitchen was (and is) a disaster area. It’s been a disaster area two or three days. Last weekends ‘clean’ dishes are still in the dishwasher… I just keep moving stuff around to make room for other stuff .. just not had the time or inclination to deal with it… it’s time I must!

I need more hours in a day! 
Suggestions, anyone?
It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood!

23 March 2014


777 G

                    ....and we thought our "green" trucks were big!

07 March 2014


Yesterday my employer handed 'us' a package for health insurance plans they will be offering for employees as of April 1… because health care is now mandatory by law. I haven’t had insurance through an employer for many years…and the process hasn't changed one iota. Barely enough information to make an informed decision of which plan to choose, never mind it’s become more convoluted by the ‘affordable health care act of 2010’ (aka Obamacare).

WooHoo! Yay! Finally! Maybe something affordable? 

I did search the government website when it rolled out last October and I found it would not be affordable! I had about decided I would forego insurance in 2014, pay the penalty, and adopt a wait and see attitude for 2015. 

I’m two years-nine months from being eligible for Medicare.  So, this package isn't so much about premiums; though they are important in a pocketbook sense. On this employer plan, my premiums will be partially paid by my employer with the balance being deducted from my paycheck each week. 

To go along with…there was an instruction to go to a website to check and see if any of ‘my’ providers is accepting one of the available plans I can chose from… 

Oh, an FYI, many insurance companies have stopped printing provider lists and/or making them available in print for insured customers. One must search ‘the site’ on line to find providers that accept the coverage you are buying.

Getting to the site was all right, I got there… I found the doctors, labs, and hospitals I’d used in 2010 when I was sick, by scrolling thru about 700 pages of listings … they were on the list as accepting these (potential) plans, BUT that doesn't mean they still are, big sigh. How old is that list? And when was it last updated?

Then I thought, well, I need to see what my out of pocket cost for meds might be…same issue…can’t find them on the lists or if I did, I wasn't impressed with the co-pays I’d have to pay (with the plan) when my pharmacy already gives me hefty discounts, less than what the co-pays would be. Hmmmm? So don’t use insurance for meds…

So, the bottom line is…. I’m trying to make an informed choice in a world where information seems to be insufficient to the consumer until after buying and/or having committed (and then possibly subject to change as the policy goes into effect or worse). 

Perhaps a better way would be to find someone who isn't selling policies or isn't just as eager to get you signed up because it's the law to guide you through the process.  It shouldn't be this complicated.

Why isn't it just K-I-S-S (keep-it-simple-stupid)? For that, I have no answer.

I did find out there is a step missing from the instruction to search 'your' providers to see if they accept your plan. Got it now; go to the site, click on find a doctor and follow the prompts...works much better than scrolling through some 700+ pages.

As instructed, I did turn in the signed application my insurance...now we wait.